News: Hand fart Guns n Roses rock ballads

Hand fart Guns n Roses rock ballads

God bless this country! Immigrants. Rocket scientists. Hand farters. Manualists.

He looks like a Sopranos extra. He is not.

Gerry Phillips is a genius. That cut off shirt. That over stuffed couch. The jury rigged hand fart microphone. The speaker system behind him. Those hands. It just all a symphony.

I do not know if there is a more accomplished hand farter in the universe. Gerry is not as vulgar Joseph Pujol, France's legendary Le Petomane: no rear ended orifice is required. No contorted abdominal wind tunnels. Gerry is odorless. A working class hero, master of his own domain.

Please. For the sake of your children, and your children's, "Sweet Child o' Mine, Hand Fart Style", the classic from Guns 'n Roses. You must watch all the way through the vocal section. If it does not bring a smile to your might be a vulcan.

Hand fart like a true manualist

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armpits anyone?!?!

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