How To: Make your own willow whistle

Make your own willow whistle

The video guide shows us how to make our very own willow whistle.
-Find a willow branch with green bark, cut a small wedge into the bark and in the wood.
-Cut into the bark in a ring around the stick at least 2 inches behind the wedge notch.
-Bang on the stick using the knife and remove the bark by just grabbing and twisting. The bark should crack loose from the stick and slide off.
-In this step we enlarge the notch in the stick That's done by cutting from the front edge of the notch and extending to the back edge of the notch by, at least, 3 quarters of an inch. Carve until you get to half way thickness of the stick.
-Shave off a flat plane on top of the stick in front of the notch.
-Slide the bark back on and try blowing.
-Different size sticks can give you different sounds.

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