How To: Practice circular breathing while playing didge

Practice circular breathing while playing didge

I for one, doubted the existence of circular breathing.

Come on. Breathing in, while also breathing out. That seems as impossible as perpetual motion or urinating while drinking.

I stand corrected. This tutorial really tells you how to breathe circularly. And if you still are a doubter and a hater...learn this fact. Kenny G broke the world record. 48 minutes. For real.

Poned you.

Practice circular breathing while playing didgeridoo

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Few of you may know this, but I actually learned how to do this during my dige'n days in Colorado with my Aussie friend, Pete.

Fun instrument!

i'd like to know if it's the same for other wind/brass instruments like trumpet
i think wynton marsalis does it

Yes, I believe so... Also the Bag Pipes...

where do I find one of these instruments? This is awesome!

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