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How To: Play sharps and flats on pan-flute

Watch this winds tutorial video to learn how to play sharps and flats on the pan-flute by tilting your jaw. This instructional video is good for beginners and will have you playing chromatic scales with sharps and flats on the pan-flute in no time.

How To: Play a roll on a tin whistle in an Irish reel

Watch this winds tutorial video to learn how to play "The Silver Spear," a common Irish reel, with ornamentation like the roll on your tin whistle. The teacher first plays the reel slowly, then adds ornaments and plays up to tempo. Intermediate tin whistlers will find this instructional video most helpful to learning how to incorporate rolls into Irish wheels on the tin whistle.

How To: Make an agave didgeridoo

Watch this music video tutorial to learn how to make a didgeridoo, or didjeridu, out of agave. This instructional video will allow you to use an agave trunk to make your own didgeridoo using a process that is involved and not for beginners.

How To: Play the flute for beginners

In this tutorial, we learn how to play the flute for beginners. To make a sound, you will put the hole directly onto your lips and make the shape of the hole with your lips. Then blow into the hole, trying different positions with your lips. You will place your fingers on the different key holes, and remove your fingers depending on what notes you want to play. You will press down keys on the sides to change the air sound as well. You will start out learning the different keys and notes, then...

How To: Care for your recorder properly with Mrs. Hill

In this how-to video, you will learn how to maintain your recorder instrument. First, label your recorder with a permanent marker in case you leave it somewhere. This will allow someone to identify who it belongs to. First, use the cleaning rod and put a piece of cotton cloth on it. Push it through the opening of the recorder to get any spit and dirty out of the recorder. To clean the mouth piece, use an old tooth brush and scrub it. Once in a while, it is a good idea to wash the recorder in ...

How To: Play a hit on a tin whistle

Watch this winds tutorial to learn how to play a hit, the easiest and most common type of Irish ornamentation, on a tin whistle. Even first-time tin whistle players will find this video helpful. You'll be able to play hits on your tin whistle in no time after watching this instructional video.

News: May the Fart Be With You

Performance by WonderHowTo's beloved hand manualist, Gerry Phillips, in honor of Star Wars Day. (Compare Gerry's song with the original scene, second video in the gallery below). Previously, Happy Star Wars Day! Naked Stormtrooper Life Drawing (NSFW).

How To: Play the recorder with Mrs. Hill

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to play a recorder. The mouthpiece of the recorder goes onto your bottom lip and in front of your bottom teeth. Do not bite on it. You rest your mouth on it. Only the tip of the mouthpiece goes in your mouth. When you blow on the recorder, blow with a steady air stream with a small amount of air. Squeaking is caused when you blow too hard and if you finger are not covering the holes completely. This video will benefit those viewers who are interested ...

How To: Build a homemade redneck PVC $2 didgeridoo

This is a tutorial on how to make a $2.00 didgeridoo. Redneck style out of ABS pipe, this homemade musical instrument is a fun project. This is constructed using chemicals that are caustic and possibly harmful. Only practice in a well ventilated area. Build a homemade redneck PVC $2 didgeridoo.

How To: Practice the octave and fourth exercise on the sax

This is a demonstration of Low End exercises on the saxophone. This is one of the tone and ear-training exercises in octaves and perfect fourths. This tutorial video is great for beginners and advanced sax players. Check out this instructional sax video that shows you how to practice these low end exercises. Try out the octave and fourth exercise on the saxophone and improve your saxophone playing skills!

How To: Make a carrot ocarina

Check out this instructional ocarina video that shows you how to make a carrot ocarina. This video is in Japanese with English subtitles. This video is great for Zelda enthusiasts and anyone who can appreciate the art of ocarina playing. Follow the simple instructions outlined in this ocarina tutorial and learn how to make a carrot ocarina that will impress your music friends!

How To: Practice active breathing for flute

Check out this flute lesson on breathing techniques by Nina Perlove who teaches at Northern Kentucky University. This unconventional breathing method was taught by Alain Marion in Paris. The end goal is to allow your lungs and chest cavity to expand. You will have more breath control when playing the flute with the technique shown in this video.

How To: Make a membrane pipe from CPVC

This video tutorial demonstrates how to make a membrane pipe out of CPVC. The pipework is all 3/4" and 1/2" CPVC pipe and 3/4" CPVC adaptors (T-joint, coupling, cap). You can use 1/2" O.D. vinyl tubing for the mouthpiece, a piece of a Meijer grocery bag for the membrane, and some masking tape to create the bottom seal and to try to fix the pitch of some of the fingerholes. The pipe creates a very clear, clean sound that reminiscent of a clarinet or Scottish smallpipes. To get started building...

How To: Play "My Tribute" on pan-flute

Watch this tutorial video to learn how to play "My Tribute" on your pan-flute. This instructional video features a note-by-note transcription; knowledge of the letter note of each pipe is required. Soon you'll be playing "My Tribute" beautifully on your pan-flute.

How To: Play "The Boys of Blue Hill" on tin whistle

Watch this winds tutorial video to learn how to play a common Irish hornpipe, "The Boys of Blue Hill," on the tin whistle. This instructional video is intended for intermediate whistlers who are able to pick up songs just by listening. Intermediate tin whistlers will see their technique improve after watching this helpful how-to video and learning how to play "The Boys of Blue Hill" on tin whistle.

How To: Play your first tone or note on the flute

You've just received your first flute! Now how to play it? This video starts by demonstrates the correct way to handle your flute and separate the mouthpiece from the body of the instrument. Then you're shown the proper technique for blowing into the mouth piece to get your first music tone or note. It's just like a whistle!

How To: Play the "A" flute note with fingering

In this tutorial, we learn how to play the "a" note with fingering. First put your head joint into the main body of the flute, then grab it so the end is in the palm of the hand. Slowly turn it so it goes into the flute easily. Now, line the hole up so it's equal with the center of the keys and hold the flute correctly. Hold your fingers onto the flute so all your fingers on the right hand are up except for your pinkie finger. Your third finger on the left should be on the 'a' key and the two...

How To: Replace a clarinet reed

Clarinets are beautiful wind instruments. They can play almost any type of music and they are fun to learn. Once you start playing your clarinet, you will need to know how to maintain it.

HowTo: Make an Egg Ocarina

Our very favorite ocarina craftsman is back, but this time he uses an egg, instead of a carrot. Mr. Heita demonstrates how to make the instrument in Japanese (with English subtitles).

How To: Play a Bb minor chord with arpegio on flute

Looking to brush up on your basic flute skills? In this short beginners flute lesson, learn how to play a Bb minor chord on the flute with arpegio with Dan Lefler of Danman's Music School. A demonstration of how it should sound when played correctly is presented.

News: Make Zelda's ocarina out of a carrot

From Japan hails this magical man and his homemade ocarina. First, this loveable vegetable musician plays "Song of Time", from the video game Zelda: Ocarina in Time, with perfect pitch and clarity. The catch, of course, is rather than a gourd pan flute or even a Nintendo, Mr. Heita uses a carrot. From Japan hails this magical man and his homemade ocarina. First, this loveable vegetable musician plays "Song of Time", from the video game Zelda: Ocarina in Time, with perfect pitch and clarity. T...

How To: Do a vibrato for flute

Nina Perlove teaches vibrato for the flute in this instructional flute video. This technique can be applied to other wind instruments, too. This tutorial is great for a beginner attempting the vibrato for the first time, or for someone looking for ways to improve their vibrato. These exercises have a long history and have been tried and proven. Practice your vibrato on the flute and improve your flute playing skills!

How To: Play the basics of harmonica

Check out this instructional harmonica video that shows you the basics to playing a harmonica. There's no trick to playing the harmonica, just blow till you like it. Once you like it, you're playing the harmonica. The harmonica should be an extension of yourself, so express the inner harmonica tune within your soul by watching this tutorial video! Learn the basics of the harmonica and stomp them boots to this tune!